Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I'm Jesse Salomon and I'm running for State Senate against Dale Brandland

I am Jesse Salomon and I am running for the State Senate in the 42nd District (Whatcom County) against Sen. Dale Brandland.

My priorities include increasing clean and renewable energy while stimulating the economy, controlling growth to prevent sprawl, to make sure that as we move into the era of the WASL that we maintain high standards in education but make sure there are alternatives to a single standardized test- alternatives which are culturally sensitive and not biased, and to find long-term solutions to the health care crisis.

I am very excited about stimulating private development of clean energy, so let me outline my ideas:
-Utilities should be required to buy any clean energy not being used by a consumer. In other words, if you put a solar panel on your house, a windmill on your farm, an anerobic digester or any other clean energy mechanism you can invent (and please do!) you can sell any extra energy to the utilites at at a higher than market rate. In addition I will support any tax breaks or credits necessary to get you to invest in your own solar panel etc.
Why do this? Why shoud the government get involved? Pick any of the following reasons (or add your own): It preserves clean air and water and quality of life, it helps decrease our dependence on mid east oil and thus helps national security and energy independence, it keeps money in the community, it feels good to do good...

Sen. Brandland has not served us well. He has sponsored bills to repeal consumer protection laws in order to deny an individual's right to sue. He cast THE DECIDING VOTE against adding sexual orientation to anti-discrimination laws-get off it already!

Anyways, I fear I am going into too much detail, although there are so many other bad things he's done-suffice it to say this the Senate needs another dedicated Democrat, as this is where the progressive bills are bottling up due to the almost even partisan split in that body.
As you know, Dale will have all the money he wants from the big corporations he's gone to bat for. I need money from people like yourselves to gain name recognition and support for my positive platform of clean energy, managing growth and development, and investing in public education and health care for all.

Please make your contribution to
Jesse Salomon for State Senate
P.O. Box 5273
Bellingham, WA 98227-5273

Please include your name, address, occupation, and if over $100.00, your employer's name, city and state.

Jesse Salomon Democratic Candidate for 42nd LD State Senate

"You don't like the way we do this job, then come down and do it yourself. I'm outta here."-State Senator Dale Brandland.